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Snowmobile Insurance

  Suit Up with a Program that Fits You
Our customers have different insurance needs, which is why we offer three levels of protection:

Our First Level is liability only. Liability coverage covers injuries, as well as property damage that you may cause to others as a result of a snowmobile accident.

If liability isn't enough for your taste, try our Second Level. You get the liability coverage mentioned above, plus comprehensive coverage, which protects your snowmobile from damages caused by fire, theft and most other causes except collision. This package covers everything* except damage to your snowmobile caused by a snowmobile accident.


• Alaska
• Colorado
• Connecticut
• Idaho
• Illinois
• Iowa
• Maine
• Massachusetts
• Michigan
• Minnesota
• Montana

• New Hampshire
• New Jersey
• New York
• North Dakota
• Ohio
• Pennsylvania
• Rhode Island
• Utah
• Vermont
• Wisconsin
• Wyoming

We can cover you if you occasionally ride in one of these states regardless of where you live.


Our Third Level offers the most complete protection. In addition to liability and comprehensive coverage, it provides collision coverage. With collision coverage, you are protected for accident damage to your snowmobile.
*subject to exclusions in the policy

Coverage Tailored to Your Lifestyle

  • Essential Liability Coverage. All of our policies provide liability coverage for injury to others or damage to their property that could be caused while you operate your snowmobile.
    • Passenger liability included at no additional cost.
    • Customizable liability limits allow you to more fully protect yourself against costly damages.
  • Medical Payments. This optional protection covers co-payments, deductibles and other expenses if you need medical attention as a result of a snowmobiling incident.
  • Temporary Coverage for Additional Snowmobiles. If you purchase a new snowmobile, we automatically extend your current coverage to provide temporary protection1 to the new unit. (But don't forget to officially add the vehicle to your policy!)

1 Talk to your agent or see your policy for specific details.

Additional Advantages

  • Out-of-State Coverage. Your policy automatically adjusts to meet a state's minimum coverage requirements, even if your policy limits are normally lower.
  • Coverage in Canada. If you're planning to ride your snowmobile beyond our northern border... go right ahead. You coverage extends to Canada.
  • Lots of Discount Possibilities. We offer many ways for you to save money, and you're not limited in the number of discounts you can enjoy. These discounts include:
    • Insuring two or more snowmobiles on the same policy.
    • Renewing your policy with us.
    • Belonging to a snowmobile association.
    • Completing a snowmobile safety course.
    • Equipping your snowmobile with an anti-theft alarm.
    Ask your agent for more information.
  • Payment Options. You can pay your policy in full with a check, money order or with your debit card, Visa©, MasterCard©, Discover©, or American Express©. You may also qualify to pay your premium in two installment payments.
  • Fast and Reliable Claim Service. Report your claim any time, day or night.

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